Construction at DSM

Curious as to what is going on at the Des Moines International Airport?  Perhaps you have seen the vast construction projects underway along Fleur Drive or maybe you have seen updates in the news.  Below you can read more about the construction projects happening on campus and what the plans are for the new terminal building. 

Airport Entrance Road

The Des Moines Airport Authority Board approved the construction of a new entrance road that will connect to the future terminal building and additional parking garage.  The roadway, which expands the wayfinding time for travelers and improves safety, will be constructed in six phases.  Phase 1 began in spring 2021 and was completed that fall.  Phase 2 is currently underway, with site work happening along Fleur Drive with an estimated completion of November 2022.  The road will be elevated and eventually will connect to the entrance of the new parking garage, slated to break ground in 2023 and open in 2024.  The remaining phases of the entrance road will be completed following the construction of the new terminal building. 

Runway and Taxiway Reconstruction

The Airport Authority's primary responsibility and focus is the maintenance and safety of the runways and airport terminal facility.  With that in mind, they approved a plan to reconstruct all the runways starting in 2010.  The primary runway 13/31 has been fully reconstructed, excluding the intersection portion of the two runways.  Runway 5/23 is currently under construction, which can be seen near McKinley and Fleur Drive  intersection and along Fleur Drive. Runway 5/23 will be completed in November 2022.  An extension will be added to the end of Runway 31 in spring 2023, allowing for the complete reconstruction of the intersection fall 2023.  Both runways will be completely reconstructed by November 2023, enhancing the safe takeoff and landing of aircraft for years to come. 

New Terminal Building

The Terminal Program Manual was updated in April 2022 and design is now currently underway for the new terminal.  The new terminal will sit directly north of the existing terminal and adjacent to Runway 23.   Planning and cost considerations indicate the need to utilize the existing concourses while enhancing the passenger experience throughout the parking, check-in, and boarding processes.


Visit this page again for future updates on construction projects and plans that will improve the quality of air service to and from the great State of Iowa.