Permits & Forms

DSM is committed to building strong relationships with our business partners.  This page is intended to provide a convenient place to access all permits and forms needed to work at and with the Des Moines International Airport. 

Airport Permits


Online Permit Applications

Vehicle Security Hangtag

Only vehicles authorized by Des Moines Airport Authority may operate inside the airport perimeter fence. Street licensed vehicles must display a valid airside vehicle permit.

Vehicle Permit Request Form

  • To apply for an airside vehicle permit, please complete the Vehicle Permit Request form. The Airport Badging Office will contact you when your permits are available for pick up.  
  • Airside vehicle permits will only be issued to active badge holders that have been assigned Non-Movement Area or Movement Area driving privileges.  
  • A current certificate of liability insurance showing 1 million dollars of coverage must be on file. You may submit your current insurance with the vehicle permit request form or by using the link below.

Insurance Document Upload

  • Use the Insurance Document Upload link to upload your current certificate of liability insurance.

Vehicle Requirements:

  • Must be in sound mechanical condition.
  • Must be identified on both sides with the company name or logo.
  • All vehicles and equipment must be equipped with two headlights and one or more red tail lights.
  • Any vehicle operating on an open runway or taxiway must also be equipped with an amber rotating beacon visible from 360 degrees.
  • See DMAA Rules and Regulations Chapter 5 for a full list of vehicle requirements.

Commercial Vehicle Permit

The Des Moines Airport Authority Board has authorized the collection of fees from commercial vehicle operators who pick up passengers at the Des Moines International Airport.  The Board subsequently adopted rules and regulations that apply to commercial operations at the airport.  The following documents are provided to apply for and obtain a commercial vehicle operator tag. 

Commercial Vehicle Permit Request Form

Instructions on how to mount the AVI tag can be found here

Follow the commercial vehicle diagram to know how to navigate the terminal entrance. 

Dig Permit Application Process

Dig permit applications submitted without completing steps 1 and 2 below will be denied. 

Step 1 – Schedule a joint meeting by clicking ‘Joint Meeting Scheduler’ (remember the data/time selected)
Step 2 – Initiate an Iowa One Call by calling 1-800-292-8989 (remember your ticket number and ticket date)
Step 3 – Complete a dig permit application by clicking ‘Online Dig Permit Application’ and complete the application fields including the information from steps 1 and 2 above

Upon completion of the joint meet and review by airport staff you will receive an automated approval or denial e-mail within approximately 48 hours of the joint meet date.  Approved permits are valid for 7-days from time of issuance.  No work may be started prior to receiving an approved permit.


Joint Meeting Scheduler    Online Dig Permit Application


To submit a hard copy permit, be sure to first complete the Permit Application form (PER-PUB-00-900).  

Hard Copy Permit Applications

Hot Work Permit - PER-PUB-00-909 - To complete any hot work at the Airport, download and fill out the Hot Work Permit application form. Upon completion, send to DSM Electrician or drop off the form to Airport Administration.
Commercial Operating (SASO) Permit - PER-PUB-00-902 - For conducting commercial operations in compliance with the Airport Minimum Standards.
Commercial Facility Use Permit - PER-PUB-00-903 - For using airport facilities for commercial use such as movie production, photography, etc.
Flying Club Permit - PER-PUB-00-904 - For operating a flying club.
Commercial Vehicle Operator Permit - PER-PUB-00-905 - Commercial vehicles (limo, shuttle, etc.) must have a Commercial Vehicle Operator Permit to conduct business at the Airport. Use the online form above if possible.
Aircraft De-Icing Permit - PER-PUB-00-906 - Tenants conducting de-icing operations outside of designated de-icing areas, must have an Aircraft De-Icing Permit. 
Fuel Truck-Cart Equipment Permit - PER-PUB-00-912 - To place fueling trucks or equipment into service at the airport, a Fuel Truck-Cart Equipment Permit is required. 
Aircraft Fuel Storage Dispensing and Handling Permit - PER-PUB-00-907 - Tenants needing to store, dispense, or handle non-commercial fueling operations must have an Aircraft Fuel Storage Dispensing and Handling Permit. 
Airport Equipment Use Permit - PER-PUB-00-911 - For tenants to use any airport owned equipment, they must obtain an Airport Equipment Use Permit. 
Expressive Activity Permit - PER-PUB-00-910 - Any person or organization desiring to engage in expressive activity at the Des Moines International Airport must apply in writing to the Executive Director at least two business days prior to the proposed expressive activity.  All activity must comply with Airport Rules and Regulations.
Tenant Electrical Permit - PER-PUB-00-913 - To complete any tenant electrical work at the Airport, download and fill out the Tenant Electrical Permit application form. Upon completion, send to DSM Electrician or drop off the form to Airport Administration.
Additional Vehicle Form - PER-PUB-00-901 - Additional vehicle listing to form PER-PUB-00-900.
Taxicab Services Operating Permit - PER-PUB-00-908 - Commercial vehicles operating as a taxi must have a Taxicab Services Operating Permit to pick up passengers at the Airport.  


Construction Forms

Contractor Fact & Information Sheet must be completed before any construction projects can begin.
Initial Access Request Form must be completed before the start of new projects.

Security Access Request Forms

Access Change Request Form to request a change to an employee's access level. 
Hangar Access Request Form to request Airport ID badges for individuals of South T Hangars that are not on the lease. 

Authorized Signatory Forms

New Service Provider Request Form to set-up a new service provider for badging.  Allow 24 hours for processing. 
Authorized Signatory Designation Form to designate a new Authorized Signatory. 
Badging Application Form to be downloaded and completed by the Authorized Signatory to enroll new applicants. 

Charter, Deicing & Overweight Waiver Forms

Charter Notification Form to submit charter operations to the Airport Authority and DSM Transportation Security Administration.  A confirmation email will be sent to the submitter's email.  If you have any questions regarding the status of your submission, please contact Airport Operations at (515) 256-5000. 
Deicing Form Log to submit the deicing activity to the Airport Authority.  Questions should be directed to Airport Authority Engineering at (515) 256-5858. 
Overweight Aircraft Operation Waiver  to request an overweight aircraft operation permit at DSM.  All questions should be directed to the Airport Operations & Security Manager at (515) 256-5000. 

Video Request Form

 Video Request Form to request video footage from the Des Moines Airport Authority. 


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