Badging Frequently Asked Questions


My badge is damaged and has stopped working, what should I do?
Damaged badges can be replaced 24/7. Stop by the Airport Badging Office during normal business hours. If the office is closed, call Airport Operations for assistance.
What should I do if my badge is lost or stolen?
Lost or stolen badges must be reported immediately to Airport Operations or the Airport Badging Office. A lost or stolen badge can be replaced during normal business hours only. Written authorization from your company's Authorized Signatory MUST be provided to prior to the issuance of a new badge.
My badge expires soon. How do I renew my badge?
Badge renewals are done by appointment only. Please contact your company's Authorized Signatory to schedule an appointment
I have an active badge but forgot it at home. Can I be escorted inside the restricted area so that I do not miss work?
NO! Once you have been issued an Airport ID Badge, you may not be escorted inside the restricted area.
How will I know when I have passed my security clearance?
Your company's Authorized Signatory will notify you when your security checks have passed. If you are unsure of who your Authorized Signatory is, or if it has been more than one week since you were fingerprinted, please contact the Airport Badging Office.    
How do I get access added to my badge for an area it does not currently allow me to go?
Your company's Authorized Signatory must submit an Access Request Change Form found on our Forms Page.
How do I get Escort or Non-Movement privileges added to my badge?
Your company's Authorized Signatory will first need to authorize the privilege in SAFE. Then they will need to book a training appointment for you to complete the required training for the assigned privilege.
Where should I park when I come to the airport for badging appointments?
You may park in the hourly or economy parking lots and the Airport Badging Office will validate your parking.