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Bid Procurement & RFPs

None at this time
Notice to Bidders: South Ron Positions, Early Bid Package Electrical at Des Moines International Airport
Project Close Out Notification - Crane & Platform for Core Rebuilding
Project Close Out Notification - 2022 Miscellaneous Pavement Repairs
Project Close Out Notification - Airfield Electric & Comm Pathways
Project Close Out Notification - South Garage Snow Dump Improvement
Project Close Out Notification - Airfield Pavement Deicer Fluid Storage
Project Close Out Notification - Communication Pathways
Project Closeout Notification - Emergency Telephone System Replacement
Project Closeout Notification - Signature Hangar Partial Demolition Project
Project Closeout Notification - Construction of Building 56
Notice to Bidders: Passenger Terminal Site Preparation at Des Moines International Airport
Request for Proposal - 14 Passenger Electric Shuttles - PAR-2022-02
Project Closeout Notification - Cowles Drive Phase 1
Notice to Bidders: Construct Building 57
Notice to Bidders: Gate 12 Underground Fuel Storage Tank Replacement
Project Closeout Notification - Construct Future Corporate Hangar Taxilane
Project Closeout Notification - Bldg 44 OHD Install for Air Stairs
Notice to Bidders: Runway 5 Temporary Extension and Shortened Runway 5/23 Layout
Notice to Bidders: 2022 Miscellaneous Pavement Repairs
Request for Qualifications - Future Terminal Construction Manager at Risk (CMR) Services
Notice of Intent to Enter into a Guaranteed Maximum Price Contract - Future Terminal
Project Closeout Notification - Passenger Board Bridge Replacement Project
Project Closeout Notification - Coffee Bar Gate A4
Project Closeout Notification - Generator Redesign for Redundant Power
Public Notice: Proposed National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit
Notice to Bidders: Runway Intersection Reconstruction
Project Closeout Notification - Relocate Building 7