New Terminal Study

The Des Moines Airport Authority (Authority) undertook the preparation of this Terminal Area Concept Plan in support of needed improvements to the Des Moines International Airport (the Airport) terminal complex. The existing terminal building was first built in 1948 and, although it has been subject to upgrades and improvements over the years, it has reached the end of its useful economic life.  The Authority seeks a solution to the problems with the terminal complex and wants to do so with a full understanding of the context of the Airport and the long-term needs of the other functional airport components such as air cargo, the Iowa Air National Guard, corporate aviation, general aviation and airport support functions.  In this sense, these documents closely resembles an airport master plan.  The planning effort includes key elements of a master plan, but with a distinct focus on the terminal area.

New Terminal Documentation

Terminal Program Definition Manual Supplemental Update - April 15, 2022

Terminal Program Definition Manual - May 25, 2018

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