Check-in Information

Family using ticket kiosks Des Moines International Airport
Check-in for most airlines begins at least 24-hours before the departing flight. Passengers can check-in online, at the airport ticketing kiosks (except for Allegiant), or at the airline ticket counter. 

Airlines recommend arriving at the airport at least a hour and an half to two hours before your flight’s scheduled departure.  If you are checking luggage, you can use the self-bag tagging kiosk for all airlines except Allegiant and Southwest, or stop at your airline’s ticket counter to check your bag.  DSM does not have curbside check-in for luggage.  If you plan to use carry-on luggage only, be sure to check with your airline on the size and weight allowance and any associated fees with carry-on luggage.   When traveling around holidays, it is suggested that additional time for ticketing and screening is allowed.

Ticket counters are in the north end of the main terminal except for Southwest Airlines which is in the south end of the terminal near the baggage claim.  Each airline opens its ticket counters based on their flight schedules.  Please work directly with your airline to determine when their ticket counter will be open.  

Cancellations & Delays

Contact your airline as soon as possible when an originating flight or connection is canceled or delayed.  Your airline will work with you to reschedule your flight.  Any related ticketing charges are based on circumstances and airline policy.

Contact Your Airline